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109年虎科大孵育器比賽延期徵件(Postponement of Submission of 2020 NFU Tiger Incubator Competition)
Welcome to join the 2020 NFU Tiger Incubator Competition and please find the attached files to view Competition Poster, Rules, Application Form and Proposal Format.

Registration Deadline: Postpone to 31st August, 2020. Registration form has to be sent to the following email address before deadline. Email address:

Submission of Proposal: After successfully signing up, send the WORD or PDF file of the proposal to the following email address by 15th September, 2020. Email address:

Time of Finals: Planned to be in late September, 2020. Specific date and location and other information would be announced after first-round review.

Top three teams would receive operating cost subsidy as reward. Supplemental operating cost subsidy would be given to each top-three team, in case a company is practically established and signing a contract with Innovation Incubation Center. The Office of International Industry-Academia Service would assist the teams on running the business in the campus. The upper limit of subsidy is stated below.
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